Similar to it’s cousin over at Football and Music, this site explores two worlds that should not but do constantly collide.

Take note though that Politics and Music is not at all a serious look at this unholy pairing. It’s in the same vein as F&M, it’s tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Apicella and Silvio together

Politics and Music was inspired by the 1980’s, a peak period for the political musical offerings. But I’m not talking about a benefit for the miners strike or something, this is more about Culture Club declaring that war was stupid. It’s about Spandau Ballet going through the barricades, about the Human League in the Lebanon… that sort of thing. All noble but possible misguided intentions.
It is here we’ll take at look at that and ask these questions. (But again – the tongue in the cheek, not to be taken seriously)

P&M is run by the same bloke who does Football and Music & #KeepingItPeel, so there’s a good chance that like those this place might go neglected – UPDATE: It did.

Click on the above image to see what Silvio Berlusconi was doing in the musical department. Football and politics AND music. *shivers*

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